Client driven!

We are clear and objective: the client is at the centre of our success and so we conduct our business driven towards surpassing their expectations.
We incorporate this in our Mission, in our Vision, and reflect it in the values that all our employees share and apply on a daily basis.

And this focus is reflected in results. It is reflected in a growing number of clients, in increasing commercial relations with current clients, in the awards we win…
But above all in words. As there is nothing that makes us prouder than to hear our clients saying “I knew it… you make all the difference!”.

And we want to continue like this, together!


In a flexible and simple way, jp.di aims to offer solutions that surpass the expectations of its Partners, through a service level of excellence and very close relations.


Being the preferred distributor, becoming established as a driver of business and creator of value for its Partners.


► Focus on the client 
The client's success is our success. We focus on providing a service of excellence and creating an unforgettable experience through very close relations, always making the client come back. 

► Commitment
Trust, confidentiality, commitment to add value to the service provided.

► Ambition
We are bold! We want to continue to grow and evolve!

► Humbleness
We have a history of success! However, we don't forget where we came from and how we got here.
We don't underestimate others and we are continuously learning.

► Persistence
We are dedicated and never give up in face of obstacles!

► Integrity
We act with honesty! We insist on honouring our commitments with employees, clients, suppliers and shareholders, creating relations of trust.   

► Change
Our capacity of adaptation and transformation before challenges takes us further ahead!